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Johnny Rocketfingers FB

2/8/13 by vastcool

Help spread word of Johnny Rocketfingers and like the facebook page:


Johnny Rocketfingers FB


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Gee Ryan, I thought you were smarter than to use sites like FAGbook. Tisk tisk.

Holy shit talk about nostalgia overload. To the simple stick days of newgrounds, I loved this series and everything else you did back then. Oh god such memories. Fuck yes I'd pay/donate for this. It's good to see you're back doing something.



Shit, German nazis!

no, i wouldn't buy it...especially not since JR was a staple of the "free internet" days....unless you're one of those reasonable flash developers who asks for less than $10...maybe...

2/9/13 (Updated 2/9/13) vastcool responds:

A game of this nature takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. So if this game is made it will not be free, sorry.



Wow, it's been so long I forgot all about this. At least the quality shows me why it's been in development for so long O.o

That's not how you wash somebody's back.

2/9/13 vastcool responds: